1-Day Nikko World Heritage Tour

Departure Date : 6 Jan – 17 Mar, 2 Jun – 29 Sep, 1 Nov – 20 Dec 2019 (Every Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun)
1 – 4 Jan, 19 Mar – 31 May, 1 – 31 Oct, 22 – 31 Dec 2019 (Daily)
Tour Length : Approximately 11 hours
Visit : Nikko
Tour Guide : National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
From 13,500 yen


Tour Details
1-Day Nikko World Heritage Tour✔ The National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter will lead participants on a tour of Nikko Toshogu Shrine, registered as a World Heritage Site, while telling them about its rich history.

1. After about 4 years of the shrine’s large-scale repairs which cost around JPY 1.2 billion (USD 10.4 million), the national treasure Yomeimon Gate was once again opened to the public in 2017. Lay your eyes on the richly colored structures that have been restored to their former glory.

2. Visit Kegon Falls, counted among the greatest waterfalls in Japan. (Except some tour dates. See Remarks 3.)

3. Visit Lake Chuzenji, a scenic lake with a circumference of about 25 km and a depth of 163 m, created about 20,000 years ago from an eruption of Mt. Nantai which blocked the valley. (Except some tour dates. See Remarks 3.)

4. This bus tour takes customers efficiently and directly to Nikko’s sightseeing spots which are difficult to visit on one’s own using route buses.

5. Travel back in time to the Edo Period (1603-1868)! There will be a stopover at the Hanyu Parking Area, which reproduces the Edo-style atmosphere. See the beautiful structures and famous long-established shops dating back to the Edo Period, and enjoy shopping for souvenirs.
* See Remarks No. 9.

6. Customers may opt to end the tour at Tobu Nikko Station.

• Minimum 1 person to run tour.
• 1 – 20 person per booking.

Day 1
Pick up at Hotel

08:40 Pick up at Hotel Nikko Fukuoka
09:00 Pick up at Hotel Okura Fukuoka

Day 1 -/L/-

08:05 – 08:15 Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Check-in Counter
08:50 – 09:00 Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal

Day 1
(90 min)
Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its lavish decorations and ornate details. This 400-year-old shrine houses the remains of Edo period’s founder, Ieyasu Tokugawa. Enjoy seeing the traditional beauty of the main hall, as well as the sleeping cat and 3 monkey carvings.

Day 1-/L/-

Enjoy a Japanese-style lunch.
If you would like a vegetarian menu, please inform us at the time of reservation.

Day 1
(10 min)
Lake Chuzenji

Created by an eruption of Mt. Nantai, this lake is a symbol of Nikko.

Day 1
(30 min)
Kegon Falls

Known as one of Japan’s 3 great waterfalls, Kegon Falls towers an impressive 97 meters and gushes water from Lake Chuzenji.

The charge to take the Kegon Falls elevator is not included in the booking price. Admire the waterfall from the observation deck facing the falls free of charge.

Day 1
4:30pm – 5:00pm
Tobu Nikko Station

Tour ends for those who wish to end the tour here.

Participants will head to their next destinations on their own from Shinjuku, but the guide will explain how to go back to hotels.

Day 1
7:00pm – 7:30pm

This tour disbands upon arrival near Shinjuku Station West Exit. Please head to your next destination on your own from Shinjuku.

Adult Child (6 – 11 years)
From 13,500 yen per pax From 6,800 yen per pax

*Above price in Japanese yen, tax included.

① Planning Company: JTB Corp.
Address: 2-3-11 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Japan Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agent (No. 64)
A member of the Japan Association of Travel Agents② If the minimum number of participants (1) is not met by 4 days before the scheduled date, the tour on that date may be cancelled.

③ Heavy traffic due to colored leaves is expected every year on Irohazaka Winding Road from Oct. 11 to Nov. 6. Therefore, Kegon Falls and Lake Chuzenji will not be visited during this period. In such cases, one of the following will be visited instead of Kegon Falls: Taiyuuin Mausoleum at Rinno-ji Temple, Futarasan Shrine, Kirifuri Falls, or Tamozawa Imperial Villa.

④ The alternative plan outlined in Remark #3 above may be used even outside of the designated period (Oct. 11-Nov. 6) due to road conditions or other reasons.
No refunds will be issued as a result of location changes.

⑤ The tour will walk up and down steps and hilly paths at Nikko Toshogu Shrine and Kegon Falls. Be sure to wear shoes and clothing which are comfortable to walk in.

⑥ An earphone guide will be provided to each participant at Nikko Toshogu Shrine. However, if there are 15 or fewer participants, earphone guides may not be used.
A fee of JPY 10,000 may be incurred if an earphone guide is lost or damaged by a participant.

⑦ As the tour uses a bus for the entire itinerary, arrivals at each site may be delayed due to road conditions.

⑧ Vegetarian meals are available and must be requested at the time of booking.

⑨ Depending on road conditions, the tour may stop at a different parking area (rest area) instead of the Hanyu Parking Area. In this case, please note that the different rest area will not be a representation of an Edo Period town.

⑩ [Bus Company] Bus company used will be one of the following.
Fuji Kyuko Kanko Co., Ltd.; Fuji Express Co., Ltd.; KM Kanko Bus Co., Ltd.; Hato Bus Co., Ltd.; Tokyo Yasaka Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd.; Heisei Enterprise Co., Ltd.; Amore Kotsu Ltd., Tokyo Bus Co., Ltd.; Toto Kanko Bus Co., Ltd.; Chuo Kanko Co., Ltd.; Tokyo Limousine Co., Ltd.; or Tokyo Passenger Co., Ltd.

*Please approach our travel consultants for more details and other terms and conditions.