Early Morning SUMO Practice Viewing and Chanko Hot Pot Lunch Tour


08:30-08:40 Ryogoku View Hotel – near 1st Floor Entrance
09:00-10:30 Early Morning Sumo Practice Viewing (90 mins)
10:50-11:10 Sumo Museum or Ryogoku Edo Noren (20 mins)
11:30-12:30 Chanko Hot Pot Lunch (60 mins)
5-9JAN | 7-9,11-16,18-20FEB | 1-8MAY | 6-8,10-15,17-19JUN | 27-31AUG | 1-4SEP | 3-5,7-12,14-19,21-23OCT 2019
(English Guide Interpreter) 
13,500 Yen/Person

• Cancellation 10 days before travelling date, charge 30% of tour price.
• Watch the practice quietly. Do not shout, clap, or talk to the sumo wrestlers as these may distract them from their early-morning practice and may result to injury.
Please be aware that entering the ring is prohibited. Do not stand white the sumo wrestlers are engaged in practice.
The English Guide interpreter wil not be giving information while practice is ongoing. Please remain seated and refrain from moving.
Taking pictures is allowed during the practice, but please turn off all sounds and do nottttt use flash. Video recordings are not allowed.
• Customers will be watching while seated on zabuton (sitting cushion) on the floor. Please note that there are not allowed.
• Children 11 years of age and younger may not join this tour.
• Depending on the circumstances at the sumo stable, the practice may be suddenly cancelled. In this case, the tour will be cancelled.

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