Picturesque Drive! 8-Hour Private Taxi Tour to Aomori

Departure Date : 1 Apr – 31 Oct : Every Mon – Fri (EXCEPT 3, 6 May, 12 – 16 Aug, 16, 23 Sep, 14 Oct)
Tour Length : Approximately 8 hours
Visit :
➢ Towada-Hachimantai National Park Area
➢ Jogakura Ohashi Bridge
➢ Sukayu Onsen
➢ Oirase Gorge
➢ Lake Towada

From 36,000 yen


Tour Details

Picturesque Drive! 8-Hour Private Taxi Tour to Hakkoda Mountains, Oirase Gorge, and Lake Towada in Aomori Prefecture (Round Trip from Shin-Aomori Station or Aomori Airport)

✔ Enjoy efficient sightseeing with a hired taxi along the recommended course for enjoying fresh foliage or beautiful colored leaves in autumn.

1. Revel in the great outdoors of northern Tohoku on this private hired car plan!

2. The itinerary has a complete handle on sights while also being relaxed, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through nature.

3. The tour will also stop by Sukayu Onsen, a historic, charming, and secluded hot spring nestled in the mountains

• Minimum 1 person to run tour.
• Maximum 3 person per vehicle
• No age restrictions
• Admission fees and lunch charges are not included.


Day 1
Shin-Aomori sta. / Aomori Airport

The driver will be waiting for participants holding a placard.
Please go to the meeting location by 9:50.
The taxi will depart at 10:00.

Day 1
(Drive by)
Kayano Kogen

Kayano Kogen, which stretches out at the foot of the Hakkoda Mountain Range, is loved by the people as a place for relaxation and refreshment. In early summer, a carpet of fresh foliage covers the area.
In autumn, you can see an up-close view of the autumn leaves of Hakkoda Mountains.

Day 1
(20 min)
Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

This deck arch bridge, which features 255 meters between each arch support, is the longest in Japan.
Here you can look down on the Jogakura Stream – one of the prominent picturesque scenes of Towada Hachimantai National Park – and step out of the car to enjoy the scenery.
During the autumn leaf season, you can enjoy 360° of colored autumn leaves.

Day 1
(90 min)
Sukayu Onsen (Free Time for Sightseeing & Lunch)

This onsen is famous for the ‘Hiba Sennin-buro,’ a mixed-gender, large communal bath made completely from Hiba wood which can fit 1,000 people. The baths – which feature around 265 sqm of space – have bathtubs with 4 different hot spring sources. This hot spring locale has over 300 years of history. There are also separate gender-segregated large communal baths.
Bath Usage Charge: JPY 600 (with towel: JPY 1,000)

– Onimenan (restaurant)
Their specialty Sukayu soba noodles and bamboo shoot oden with ginger miso are quite popular.
Pay for the dishes you want and then enjoy them!

Day 1
(70 min)
Free Time for Sightseeing along Oirase Gorge

An abundance of trees and several waterfalls, beautiful ever-changing streams, and a variety of strangely shaped rocks and spots of beauty create a magnificently gorgeous gorge region where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the seasons.

Day 1
(90 min)
Free Time for Sightseeing at Lake Towada (Yasumiya)

Lake Towada is renowned as a picturesque area of the North. No matter how many times you visit, when faced with the beautiful lake that mirrors the sky and surrounding mountains as well as the large open panorama that makes you want to take a deep breath, you will be enveloped with an indescribable sensation.

Day 1
Tour Ends

Drop-off at Shin-Aomori Station or Aomori Airport

1 Vehicle From 36,000 yen

*Above price in Japanese yen, tax included.

① Conducting Company: Aomori Taxi
 Address: 2-28 Isoda, Shinmachino, Aomori-shi, Aomori Prefecture

② Depending on operational circumstances, certain tour dates may be cancelled, or tour operation may cease entirely.

③ This is an unguided plan, so please make your own way directly to the meeting location. At reception, please show a printed copy of the reservation confirmation sheet or a printout of the reservation confirmation e-mail. Those who forget to bring it may be unable to participate.

④ The driver will be waiting for participants holding a placard with the Sunrise Tours logo. Drivers speak Japanese only.

⑤ The tour departure or arrival times may be delayed or tour route changed due to traffic conditions, weather or other factors, so please allow enough time to transfer to the next train and/or flight after the tour. Even if the arrival time is delayed, no compensation will be given for flights, accommodation, meals, taxi fares, etc.

⑥ Drivers speak Japanese only. Bookings for this plan are made not for the number of participants, but for the number of taxis to be used.
Vehicles will be compact cars only. These can seat up to 3 people per vehicle. For those that would like to ride in groups of 4 or more, please book 1 additional vehicle.
Please note that, in general, changes cannot be made to the itinerary.

⑦Coloring of leaves at places noted in the itinerary depend on the type of flora, weather conditions, etc., and the peak viewing period may vary for each

⑧ Admission fees and lunch charges are not included. Please pay as necessary at location.

⑨As this tour will be walking through highland and mountain stream areas, please wear shoes and clothing that are suitable for walking. Also, due to the high altitude, temperatures may be low depending on the season. Please bring your own warm clothing.

*Please approach our travel consultants for more details and other terms and conditions.